I just finished this article from Anne-Marie Slaughter, which is apparently breaking records for unique visitors to the Atlantic’s website, about what it is that is still holding women back in the workplace.

Slaughter not only speaks of her efforts to “normalize” the prioritizing of family in the workplace, but also discusses some of the myths er have come to believe. As a woman in my mid-20s myself, I have heard these feminist half-truths over and over. In fact, I have believed them to be full truths. As I have started out in my career, I quickly realized that I would not be happy with a work environment that required me to dedicate myself to my career at the expense of my personal life. It’s not that I’m lazy, as many older professionals believe of the men and women of my generation, its that we believe that we have a right to seeing some day light, even in the winter despite the shorter days.

I particularly appreciated Slaughter’s attempt to defend women accused of not being ambitious enough. Most women genuinely want to have a family at some point and recognize that families and high level careers just don’t jive. This does not make women wrong for wanting a family, it means there is something wrong about our society’s work structure.

These are all questions I have grappled with myself, and I found this article to be an honest response to some of those questions. As she says, hopefully this can be a stepping stone to meaningful changes, because so many other countries and societies are far ahead of the US where work-life/family life is concerned.